Babe as a beginner: First mistake, but then great joy

DIRECT FROM PEKING He ran out of the paddock almost as if after his famous bronze jump at the Olympics in Athens, where he almost took off the raid from the referee’s chair. High Heel Jaroslav Bába got to the World Cup qualifier in Beijing and jumped 231 centimeters to the Sunday final.

Since his serious ankle injury in 2006 Jaroslav Bába has jumped only four times higher than today. A rescue attempt at the qualifying limit was enough for him at the World Cup final, where he is the first time since 2011.That’s when Tegu ranks him in bronze only in fourth place.

How did you feel before the last attempt?
“In truth, it was something like the one on Olympics in Athens that I do not remember anything from this jump. Man does it automatically, he does not even know if there’s a bar or not. I was back from the trance. “

You also rejoiced like you did in Athens, you ran out of the paddock and screamed at the rampart…
[laughs ) “Maybe, the joy was great. I have quite doubted myself about those 231. When I saw that I was in a seventh place with 229 centimeters, I did not really believe it.”

Was the qualifying attempt a perfect jump?
” It was a good jump, the bar did not move . Maybe there was some spare, but we’ll see what’s going to happen in two days if it’s fatigue. I’m not the youngest anymore…”

But this is how to save the competition, it’s more like old males…
” I jumped more like a beginner. I had 229 centimeters to jump on the first attempt, but it fell slightly. It was terribly sorry for me, then my strength began to wane. It was long to me, I began to doubt myself. Luckily, I went over. I jumped, was rhythmically well run. I’m so happy. I do not know how much strength I have left. I’m pretty tired of it.Luckily, the final is in two and a half days, maybe I’ll put a little in the cluster. “The fact that eleven out of fourteen passing to the final jumped a sharp qualification limit of 231 centimeters, probably indicates the level of struggle Medals, do not you?
“It will be difficult for the final. But again…Barshim jumped brilliantly again, but I think Bondarenko is not quite ready. Uchov came out, which I was a little awaited. He had slipped through the whole season, jumping only some halution. It will be interesting. I do not know who will have the medals. Qualification takes a lot of energy. It’s terribly treacherous. Even a lot of Czech athletes got paid for it, I almost do too.I’m glad it did. Wait here for fourteen days and then do not get hurt, I’d be angry. “

How long did you wait?
” I did it well. Our handcuffs have begun to fall. So far, the championship is so infamous. Zuzaka saved it. I’ll fight. “