Eaton is the king. The 10-year-old defeated the world record in Beijing

American Ashton Eaton created the world record for the world championship in Beijing with a total of 9045 points. The three-year-old own maximum from Eugene has improved by six points. Bohemia Adam Sebastian Helcelet earned 8234 points, his second career, and ranked eleventh.

The second ended in the Canadian record 8695 points Damian Warner, third place defending 8561 points in the personal record German Rico Freimuth. Today’s decathlon was the highest in the history of the World Championship, seven multiboymen scored over 8400 points and brought a total of 21st World Record in the history of the championships. Eaton gets $ 160,000 from his IAAF, less than four million crowns.

For the first time, Eaton has completed the full decade two years ago in Moscow where he won the World Cup for the first time.In the last season, he fought for 400 meters of obstacles and it was obviously a rainbow. In the last discipline on the first day he improved to a smooth foursquare up to 45.00 seconds, which gave him the biggest lead over the world record.

“I did not go for a decade for two years and I did not know what That’s what to expect, “Eaton said. But a lot of people stood by me, telling me to really enjoy it. So I obeyed them. It was a great race, “said the old world record maker. The result is breathtaking, but it’s not just my share.Everybody around me was great in the past two years and I think he deserves a celebration. “Before the final discipline, during the 1,500 meters, Eaton had a 27 point lead on the subtotal and needed to run fifteen at least 4: 18.25 minutes Although it did not look like it was at first, the American managed to speed up fantastically at the end and the goal was 4: 17.52 minutes.For the purpose, he already knew that he had overtaken the record and immediately rejoiced in the auditorium with his wife, Brianne Theisen-Eaton, the silver sedan from the MS.

“Three hundred yards from the finish I saw that I was running slowly. “Damn, I should run,” I said, “Eaton told reporters. “Fortunately, Larbi (Budura) was in front of me, so I did it and he did it,” he said. “I thanked him after the race,” he said.

But laughing was not over obstacles. “When I could not climb the ninth and tenth obstacle, I said again, ‘Jesus, I’m about to age’,” Eaton smiled. “It was very difficult,” he admitted. “But then the other disciplines got pretty well, and when I threw a javelin away, I started thinking about the record,” he said. After decathlon, he remembered the press conference to remind Roman Šebrle, who was still in touch with him .It was because of the Czech former world recorder that at thirteen he found out what a multiboy is. “I saw his photo in the papers,” Eaton reminded.

That same year Šebrle in Götzis first surpassed 9,000 points. “At that time, I did not have a clue about the ten-thing,” admits Eaton. “But it made me decide to do it,” he said. Eleven years later, Shebrle’s performance was erased. Even then, Congratulations congratulated him and they telephoned today. “He called me, he’s a good guy,” Eaton said. Helcelet was struggling with Achilles’ long-term tendon wounds this season, so he could not train properly, and the limit on the MS was up to the last minute. Still, he was able to attack a personal record that lacks 18 points.”I watched Kasjan and Felix to keep the top ten, and I did not focus on Estonian Uiba at all, and he cut me off, I’m sorry. To attack the person and be in ten, I did not succeed, “said Helcelet, but in the end he had to be content. The entire spring could not train because of the injury. “So it would be good when I stay healthy and get ready, it will be a great performance,” he said.