Naples smash hit tied with Juventus, point she arranged Hamšík

BRATISLAVA. Naples football players gathered in the Serie A smash hit point for a draw with Juventus. Scores opened at the beginning of the match, the visitors Sami Khedira.

The point for home games arranged by hour Marek Hamšík.Online transmission: Bet LIVE on a wide range of events in Fortune & # x3E; & # x3E; Italian Serie A 2016/2017 2ndApril 2017 at 20:45 | Stadio San Paolo, Napoli Napoli 1: 1 90 + 3 minutes End Juventus Stats Goals: 60. Hamsik – 7. S. Khedira. YC: 37 L. Insigne (NEA).Juventus’s transfer did not show a lot of football skills, but it was enough to him on one point. Guests quickly the lead after an attack Khedira, but then largely prevented. Neapolitans are active, pushing the opponent and managed to equalize thanks Hamšík. In addition, however, they benefitted from its dominance as more goalscoring chances.Neapolitans not lack motivation in the final minutes, but the defense of Juventus does not make unnecessary mistakes. 87 ‘We have seen the last rotation side Juventus.Today’s match starting Miralem Pjanić, who was replaced by Tomás Rincón. 86 ‘Juventus carefully and unnecessarily hinders not open the game.Guests will suffice and draw their masterpiece and ambitions too hurt. 84 ‘Miralem Pjanić lost the ball in the middle of the field and went home to fast breaks.Bosniak great mistake corrected tackles Leonardo Bonucci. 83 ‘The home footballers hesitated moving to the attack.Argentine came into play offensive football player Paulo Dybala, replacing Claudia Marchisio. 79 ‘Maurizio Sarri exhausted all their substitutions.Last chance to change used by the game pulled Ivan Strinić and his position came Faouzi Ghoulam. 78 ‘Marko Rog is placed on the lawn long-range shot from over thirty meters.However, he lacked accuracy and Gianluigi Buffon had to intervene. 76 ‘Marek Hamšík had last week health problems and probably still is not on celozápasovú load.Dries Mertens but he could not eject the started Lorenzo Insignia. 73 ‘Juventus had the benefit of a standard situation that Off the Miralem Pjanić.Center Bosnian representative found the glove Rafael Cabral. 72 ‘Old Lady was nowhere hurry.Sami Khedira asked for a foul in the middle of the field, the guests get the time and stoppage of play nervous opponent. 71 ‘Rafael Cabral has a lot of work today.From a single shot in the seventh minute and conceded a goal since vainly waiting for a successful surgery. 70 ‘By the end of regular playing time it remains the last ten minutes.Juventus holding the ball at the middle of the opponent. 69 ‘Napoli is at the taste and wants to break match for his side. Allan went to the bench, which was replaced.Piotr Zieliński. 68 ‘Giorgio Chiellini went to slip against Dries Mertens and the him in the fall accidentally hit in the face.Experienced Italian was angry, but he had bad luck. 66 ‘The audience today greatly helps Neapolitans and receives the pressure of the Juventus players.Domestic fans create a great atmosphere. 64 ‘The visitors extremely lucky that the second time neinkasovali. Gianluigi Buffon hesitated in passing, so that it tried to slip Dries Mertens. Belgian hit the ball and it went just right next to the pole.Finally he caught up with her, but from a sharp angle just headed into the structure. 63 ‘Juventus increased their activity and currently controls the ball.The visitors did not pay strike in defense and must add a front. 61 ‘guests immediately responds and wants to revive the offensive Juventus.Partenopei came parádna combination with a single touch. The main role was MAREK HAMŠÍK, who received a perfect pass into the penalty area from Mertensa a Buffon have a chance to hit the shot of our representative. 59 ‘Turínčania the other hand the fine.Swift shot shot the only Buffon from the right side, but José María Callejón arrived at the empty net from him. 55 ‘After the error Bonucciho domestic footballers combined long and gradually received opponent under pressure.Hit just standing in front of her opponent’s defender Naples. 46 ‘Before the start of the second half of the domestic football players got into an exchange of words with the chief judge Orsatom.After a while, everything calmed down and we can continue. 46 ‘started the second half. Juventus team entered the game, and right from the first shot to the crossbar opened the score Sami Khedira. Turínčania from that moment switched to defensive mode and put the defense.Captain Turínčanov while performing flawless performance and a lot of situations solved without the help of his colleagues. 44 ‘Dries Mertens shook ball dangerously into the penalty area.Mario Lemin he for sure sent the corner kick. 43 ‘Juventus is currently unplugged from the game.Guests were at the last minute only to own half and defend the. 42 ‘Insigne cross from the left side into the penalty area where he saw the pull Callejon.The Belgian defender to handle rid of football, but the finish went straight into the gloves Buffon. 33 ‘Marek Hamšík has moved to the left wing and from the space center to the penalty area.The ball went straight to the feet of Giorgio Chielliniho. 31 ‘Neapolitans get the ball into the penalty area and fired twice.Lorenzo Insigne hit only the player Marek Hamšík again missed the goal. 30 ‘Home half-hour brought good football in high deployment.Against that background, two quality teams that each well guarded. 29 ‘Juventus opened a room for a quick counterattack, which dragged on the left wing unusually Sami Khedira.But then he assists teammates and those that prekombinovali. 28 ‘Kwadwo Asamoah sharply cross from the left into the penalty area.His attempt still directed towards the goal of hands Dries Mertens and can be happy that he got a yellow card. 21 ‘Giorgio Chiellini again podkúril his goalkeeping colleague.Experienced central back head back to the game and sent the ball to the corner. 20 ‘Giorgio Chiellini hesitated to kick and serves homemade chance to settle.Mertens chested the ball cellar for free Mareka Hamšíka, whose volley went off target. 19 ‘Juventus team switches between defensive and offensive phase.Rebound eventually doputovala leg Giorgia Chielliniho, whose shot hit the post. 16 ‘The home lost the ball and Juventus immediately headed for a counterattack.This time by the speed fight with Lemin won the corner kick. 13 ‘Juventus after scoring he could see that withdrew the defensive.Deep to prevent the own half TOS striker Gonzalo Higuaín. 12 ‘Ivan Strinić came up with another cross from the left hand side.In this case, he sent the ball straight into the gloves Buffon. 11 the ball is rotated from the corner stops the closer goalpost, which was prepared by Gianluigi Buffon.The visitors’ keeper to resolve the situation vyboxování. 10 ‘This time the cross from the left side of Ivan Strinić.Giorgio Chiellini ball away at the first corner kick for Napoli. 9 ‘Elseid Hysaj shook ball from the right wing into the penalty area, where he was prepared only Dries Mertens.A small Belgian had a chance to finish from the air. 8 ‘Neapolitans have such did not constitute the beginning of the match.Sami Khedira performed a dash up the middle on outside the penalty area to hit the ball with Pjanic and then close surpassing the goalkeeper of the home team. 6 ‘Visiting coach left on the bench today only two dangerous offensive players.Subs are ready to intervene Paulo Dybala and Juan Cuadrado. 5 ‘The home team is today can not rely on their goalkeeper’s services unit.Pepe Reina arrived from the national team suddenly with health problems and was replaced by Rafael Cabral. 4 ‘Juventus longer countered ball, but got rid of the unnecessary mistakes.Giorgio Chiellini Off the imprecisely to Lemine. 3 ‘Gonzalo Higuaín fell in the middle of the field and the main referee allowed the rally to continue.The home crowd booed dangerous scorer. 2 ‘Giorgio Chiellini holding his own in the very first fight.Experienced central back hard hit Callejon, who hardly rises from the lawn. 1 ‘We had opening kickoff. Care is tripped Juventus footballers who embarked in the blue jersey.Mertens, L. Insigne. Substitutes: Sepe, Reina – Giaccherini, Ch. Maggio, Nikola Maksimović P. Zielinski, Chiriches, Rog Ghoulam, Pavoletti, Diawara, Milik.Juventus Turin Buffon (C) – Lichtsteiner, Bonucci, Chiellini, Asamoah – Khedira S., Marchisio – Lemin, Pjanić, Mandžukić – Higuaín . Substitutes: Neto, Audere Mulyadi – Benatia, Cuadrado, Sandro, Barzagli, Dybala, Dani Alves, Rugana, Sturaro, Rincon, Mandragora. The highlight of the weekend program in the Italian top league will be the first smash hit with the third. Napoli greeted on his lawn table leader and defending champion Juventus.Partenopei have an ideal opportunity to end the series with big losses rivalom.SSC Naples figures currently at the third position, which is facing a AS Roma and Juventus, which loses the already whopping ten points. In direct combat, however, can improve your position. Maurizio Sarrio trainees have excellent league form and at a representative before the break duels won three in a row. First, they consult with AS Roma on the ground and then mastered fights against Crotone and Empoli. Were it not surprising the February lost to Atalanta boast cord more than fifteen matches without defeat in Serie A.Neapolitans are now fully focus on the league battle, because in the Champions League finished the shield of Real Madrid and the Coppa Italia they exhibited stem Juventus.Juventus Turin confirms the position of the Italian unit. The old lady reigns table and if authorized in the momentum, it certainly will not miss another championship. The 2017 has an admirable balance, because in seventeen appearances recorded fifteen wins, one draw and one league defeat on the field Fiorentina. Within the Serie A does not lose in the last nine duels and last hesitated in early March, when he won only a point against Udinese. Turínčanom thrive not only at home but also in the international confrontation.In the Champions League advanced to the quarterfinal through Portugal Porto, which beat the sum of two duels 3: 0. In the current season, there were two Italian giant, mutual showdown. In both cases, it played in Turin and triumphed in both domestic Juventus. First league win in 2: 1 and then in the cup 3: 1. Welcome by online transfer. The meeting will begin at 20:45. The breakdown SSC NeapolZostavy Rafael CabralHysajAlbiolKoulibalyStrinićAllanJorginhoHamšík (C) CallejónMertensInsigneSepeReinaGiaccheriniMaggioMaksimovićZielińskiChiricheşRogGhoulamPavolettiDiawaraMilikZoradenie Rafael Cabral – Hysaj, albite, Koulibaly, Strinić (79thGhoulam) – Allan (69 P. Zieliński), Jorginho, Hamsik (C) (76 Rog) – Callejón, D. Mertens, L. Insigne.Lavička: Sepe, Reina – Giaccherini, Ch. Maggio, Nikola Maksimović P. Zielinski, Chiriches, Rog Ghoulam, Pavoletti, Diawara, Milik. TurínZostavy Juventus: Buffon (C) LichtsteinerBonucciChielliniAsamoahKhediraMarchisioLeminaPjanićMandžukićHiguaínNetoAudero MulyadiBenatiaCuadradoSandroBarzagliDybalaAlvesRuganiSturaroRincónMandragoraZoradenie Buffon (C) – Lichtsteiner, Bonucci, Chiellini, Asamoah – Khedira S., Marchisio (80 Dybala) – lemin (61 Cuadrado), Pjanić (87thRincon), Mandžukić – Higuaín.Lavička: Neto, Audere Mulyadi – Benatia, Cuadrado, Sandra, Barzagli, Dybala, Dani Alves, Rugana, Sturaro, Rincon, Mandragora. The judges if (typeof gfyCollection! = “Undefined”) gfyCollection.init ()