ONLINE: Cibulkova against Flipkens thrived in Miami currently raining

MIAMI. Waiting it difficult aug. Slovak tennis player Dominika Cibulková after win over Paraguay qualifier Veronika Cepedeovou Roygovou (6: 3, 6: 2) will be in the third round of the tournament in Miami to face Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium.

Flipkens, currently 85th player of the world in the other of the surprisingly knocked Anu Konjuhovú 7: 6 (4), 6: 7 (6), 6: second Konjuhovej while in the world ranking is 31 December.partition.

in the relative balance of lead Cibulková of Flipkens 3: 2 (including the Fed Cup 4: 2), as last met in the first round of Australian Open 2015, wherein the Slovak tennis player won 3: 6, 6: 3, 6: 1.

the winner of meetings in eight meets Lucie Šafářovou.Online transmission: Bet LIVE on a wide range of events in Fortune & # x3E; & # x3E; WTA Miami 3rd round 2017 25thMarch 2017 o 22:10 Flipkens 0: 2 1: 6 will continue later Cibulkova transfer So it seems that in Miami stopped raining.Of course, the organizers will take some time until dried and courts will be able to continue the game. 2: 3 It happened exactly what we want. Well under way match will have to be interrupted, because in Miami again started to rain.It looks like a decent Showers and see how long it will take. The course we will inform you. 2: 3 Dominika Cibulková sending the ball out of the defined area.Kirsten Flipkens holds the second set in the game and reduces the lead of the rival, in contrast to one gem. 40-30 Belgian tennis player will not have to face the opponent’s breakball yet.After the workshop demonstrated a great blow to the network and gets the ball to his side. 30-30 Dominika Cibulková again managed to drop his aug.He can not handle difficult volley on the network, and it will be our player of the fight brejkbal. 30-15 Kirsten Flipkensová have attributed its other ace.Ball is slid over the side line, so Dominika Cibulková could not respond. 15-15 This time Kirsten Flipkensová done perfectly.After the service the network switched to a stunning half-volley and managed to equalize the score. 0-15 World return showcased Slovak tennis player.Ball fell just under the feet of Belgian tennis players, and it already had a good opportunity to respond. 1: 3 Dominika Cibulková confirms counterattack from the previous game.In the end, Kirsten Flipkens helped her, who fired the ball into the net. 15-40 Dominika Cibulková corrected her previous hesitation.Kirsten Flipkensová again surged to the network but our tennis player proved it lifted. Ten winning 15-30 balls Slovak in a row, but now on my series came.In fact match record another double-faulted what we certainly do not enjoy. 0-30 Kirsten Flipkensová not prepared at all to the position and soon after went to returne network.Dominika Cibulková had enough time to turn it obhodila. 0-15 Dominika Cibulková gets the ball ninth in a row.Administration body aug came under pressure, which then sends the ball into the net. 1: 2 Slovak tennis player a much weaker wait for another grueling service.Then put a beautiful backhand to hit a winning return acquires servis Kirsten Flipkens. 1: 2 POME! @Cibulkova enjoyed this backhand pass! #MiamiOpen— WTA (@WTA) 25thMarch 2017 0-40 Dominika Cibulková has three chances to break the submission.Kirsten Flipkensová after service knocked on the network, but it could Slovakian lifted after hitting line. 0-30 Kirsten Flipkensová only direct the ball into the net half.A little while ago he led by service grueling, but the same shortfall must now catch up. 0-15 fifth ball gets behind the current World Four.Kirsten Flipkensová her situation greatly facilitated unnecessary double faults. 1: 1 Excellent! Dominika Cibulková persistently pushed aug to her backhand.He finally came to a long strike at baseline, and then the second game ends. 30-40 The third point behind acquires Slovak tennis player.The Belgian aug has long been held in the exchange, but finally, under pressure sent the ball out of play. After 30-30 Křižná backhand hit, the Slovak switched to network and exchange ended precisely actively played volley.Kirsten Flipkensová was no chance. 30-15 This time our tennis stars helped Kirsten Flipkensová.He absolutely can not handle his backhand blow and sent it only to the network. 30-0 Slovak tennis player sends the ball behind the baseline, and then gets into a sticky situation.In the actual administration must catch up with two-point deficit. 15-0 Dominika Cibulková service does not start on a good one.Or to get the ball twice in a limited space, and so on, it is Dvojchyba. 1: 0 Belgian tennis player better into the second set. Direct point of administration, and shine forth upon administration of the left, and then finish the game.A-40 Kirsten Flipkensová preriskovala other submissions and paid off her.After the direct point of service have developed an advantage on your side. 40-40 Dominika Cibulková evens the score to match.This time, her forehand zaúradoval in full regalia, as evidenced by winning strike after line. 40-30 Dominika Cibulková now missed a great chance.This exchange had the upper hand, but one of her forehand strokes were not entered into the court. After a 30-30 second ese but also comes first Dvojchyba.Kirsten Flipkensová complicates the situation and gets aug reach brejkbalov. 30-15 Kirsten Flipkensová scores again after administration of the right.Ball channeled precisely to T-CCA and recorded the second ace of the match. 15-15 Dominika Cibulková then evens score gem.Kirsten Flipkensová him to do but greatly helped when she sent the ball to the baseline. 15-0 Like the first set and the second act begins in bringing Kirsten Flipkensová.The Belgian begins to shout and gets straight into the lead. 2: 6 This time, it’s done! Kirsten Flipkens smashed the ball into the car, so the whole set is coming.But we must add that Dominika Cibulková clearly dominated and deservedly into the lead. 15-40 first set still continues. Dominika Cibulková mismanaged his backhand blow that directed only to the network.But still he has two setbaly. 0-40 Dominika Cibulková aug came under pressure.Kirsten Flipkensová out of it failed to get the ball and direct the side by side line. 0-30 Slovak tennis player is two balls to obtain the first set.After a good service went on the offensive and exchange ended after hitting forehand line. 0-15 World Four administered to victory in the first set and starts very well.Direct point of administration gets into a tight line. 2: 5 Great!Dominika Cibulková played patiently and in exchange the right time to attack. After hitting a line created superiority and finally completed the entire gem uncompromising blows at the net. 30-40 Kirsten Flipkensová took to help Hawk-Eye, but it only confirmed the verdict line judge.Ball out of play and Dominika Cibulková has brejkbal. 30-30 What a shame.Bratislava native came to the exchange, again trying to dictate the pace of exchange, but the ball from the rocket ended play. 15-30 Slovak tennis player scores again.Even in this exchange was more active, he managed to push aug and ultimately force an error. 15-15 Now we boast Dominika Cibulkova.Slovak tennis player demonstrated excellent return and then sent the ball into safety grueling. 15-0 Kirsten Flipkensová served with new balls and they brought her happiness.Belgian demonstrated excellent service and attaches your ace. 2: 4 Dominika Cibulková for the first time in the tournament losing its administration.Kirsten Flipkensová has now got more into the areola and exchange ended forehand winning blow. 40-0 Kirsten Flipkensová in this exchange practically only defend.She wanted to send a ball just for the network, but it still ended up on the half court. Belgian then comes the service and gets into big trouble. A 40-Slovak tennis player to dictate the pace of exchange and, accordingly, it also turned out.The ball circulation forehand and hitting after the line did not give a chance aug. 40-40 Kirsten Flipkensová played fantastic now. After the service immediately passed to the network, which played a sensational half-volley.Dominika Cibulková is indeed fast, but this could not catch up. A 40-Kirsten Flipkensová very slightly moving.Even now I got hit under his feet, unable to respond well and hitting the network can complicate the situation. 40-40 The fifth gem of the first game is not over yet. Kirsten Flipkensová tried to hit a winning strike after the line, but from the forehand side netrafila areola area.A-40 Kirsten Flipkensová acquires third point behind.This time, after a good return after a line passed to network and exchange ended exact air. 40-40 Dominika Cibulková sending the ball far beyond the baseline.Kirsten Flipkensová showcased a series of good beats and down for a match. 30-40 Dominika Cibulková first opportunity to complete missed gem.Unfortunately, the ball does not fit the ideal and therefore ended up in the net. 15-40 Kirsten Flipkensová nenapodobnila previous exchange.Ball of the rocket ended only in the middle of the network, and thus has to face two brejkbalov. Three brejkbalové 15-30 chance of it not.Kirsten Flipkensová in an important moment took a blow and quality of our toys did not give a chance to respond. 0-30 The Belgian tennis player in the beginning of the match troubling and makes too many unforced errors.This was also the case, and then gets into trouble. 0-15 Kirsten Flipkensová was perhaps the first exchange more active toys.He passed to even the network, but it surprised Dominika Cibulková blow feet. 1: 3 Now it has managed four world in style.After a grueling less lightning went through the net and forehand volley terminating fourth gem match. 30-40 first chance to complete gem Slovak tennis player missed.He sent the ball just next to the sideline, but still has available one chance. 15-40 Dominika Cibulková now surprised his surplice aggressive service on T-CCA.Kirsten Flipkensová did not expect it at all, so we have an ace. 15-30 Slovak tennis player corrects a mistake of the previous exchanges.Helped a quality service from which springs straight point. 15-15 This time, our tennis player was not accurate.When he plays the ball, although it was on time, but she out of her racket ended several decimetres next to the sideline. 0-15 After a bit longer pause and continue the game administration Dominika Cibulkova.That ball again stuck to the baseline and scores a point for his account. 1: 2 Break the GEMA to us a bit stretched. Kirsten Flipkensová requested the court physiotherapist because of her flowing blood from a finger on his left hand.Physically fit but apparently is not Dominika Cibulková, who quite often hack. 1: 2 Kirsten Flipkensová it ultimately managed and reduced their lead grueling.Dominika Cibulková had in this exchange of predominance, but direct the ball to the baseline. 40-30 The first winning strike you in today’s match to its account and Kirsten Flipkensová.Belgian has such a chance to win the first game on their account. 30-30 Now we boast Slovak tennis player.Dominika Cibulková a ball circulation forehand side and played a nice winning return. 30-15 The Belgian tennis player is once again helping quality service.Dominika Cibulková still can not get the ball to the other side of the areola. 15-15 Kirsten Flipkensová first time in today’s match scores.He performed a great service to the body and almost forced the player of our mistakes. 0-15 Dominika Cibulková is playing great.Her strokes are the ideal length and a surplice with it clearly has major problems since the beginning of the duel. 0: 2 Dominika Cibulková still lose the ball in today’s match.Beautifully he laid into his forehand stroke and his aug not given a chance. 0-40 Slovak tennis player has three chances to complete geme.The basis was a great blow for the line, but a subsequent smash was just icing on the cake. 0-30 Dominika Cibulková continues in great beginning of the match.Direct point of administration is creating a promising lead in the second geme match. 0-15, the fifth ball of today’s match goes to the account of Slovak tennis player.Kirsten Flipkensová netrafila perfect ball and channeled it only to the network. 0 1 A great entry to the match of Dominika Cibulkova.Slovak tennis unit showcased some great gains and return immediately begin serving his grueling. 0-40 Kirsten Flipkensová are now netrafila first administration and immediately came under pressure.Then he sent the ball out of play and faces three brejkbalov. 0-30 Dominika Cibulková after another grueling workshop showcased a great return.The Belgian failed to respond well and the ball did not get on the other side. 0-15 Kirsten Flipkens has begun today to play, but the first point goes to her opponent’s account.Belgian namely sent the ball to the baseline. 0 0 The meeting has just begun. Both players are already on the court and in front of you have a short warm-up. Ticket won the Belgian tennis player Kirsten Flipkensová and she just starts today’s meeting the service.Dear readers, I welcome you to text while watching live coverage of the tennis tournament in the US Miami. Already in the third round he came Slovak Dominika Cibulková unit and has great chances and the next steps. Her grueling because the Belgian Kirsten Flipkensová. Both aktérky get on court after the match between Roger Federer and Francis Tiafoem. KIRSTEN FLIPKENSOVÁ Kirsten Flipkensová WTA is in position to 85th position, but in his career was much higher. In August 2013 it belonged to the great thirteenth rung and just off it partitioned from advancing to Top 10 last year occurred a solid portion of 75 matches in which recorded a balance of 41 wins and 34 losses.This season has not yet reached serious success. At the Australian Open she knocked Johanna Kontaová in the first round in Acapulco did not pass through the round and ended last week at Indian Wells in the second round. In the American Miami led the best breakthrough in 2013, when it has caught up among the eight best player wore. In this year’s edition initially she defeated Jennifer Bradyová and consequently Croatian teenager Ana Konjuhovú. Especially second round but he took a lot of strength, because lasted almost three hours and Belgian won after a straight sets 7: 6, 6: 7, 6: 2nd The match six times lost its service, what would today Dominika Cibulková could use.DOMINIKA CIBULKOVÁ Dominika Cibulková on Monday rewrote the history of Slovak tennis when, ranking rose to fourth place. Bratislavčanka at the beginning of the season benefited mainly from the fact that defend a lot of points. At any tournament, although strictly non-irradiated, but certainly also to itself give third round of the Australian Open and eight in Indian Wells. Now it has Zverenky Mateja Liptáka another great opportunity to get valuable ranking points. Last year, he fell in Miami already in the second round, and so can only collect points. In his first match with Veronica Cepedeovou of Paraguay smoothly 6: 3, 6: 2, while never once did not come for service.After the second administration, he won 66% of exchanges, which are the ratios of women’s tennis a very high number. With today’s Belgian SUPERKOV has a positive balance of four wins and two losses. Recently, both the players met before two in the Australian Melbourne Park. Then it was trojsetový battle where Dominika Cibulková succeed the sets 3: 6, 6: 3, 6: 1. Welcome by online transfer. The meeting will begin at 21:30. if (typeof gfyCollection! = “undefined”) gfyCollection.init ()