Sagan experienced ovation in Teplice: I enjoyed myself. More than on the road!

Fourth place and huge ovation took Peter Sagan from the race of the Czech Mountain Bike Cup in Teplice, where he jumped off the road. The World Champion did not stop defeat, he fought combat and improved his result against the first of two races in the field in Austria, where he fell and did not finish. Did Teplice see the foundation for Sagan’s start at cross country at the Olympics in Rio? This superstar is all you can do.

Are you enjoying yourself so well that you seriously begin to solve your mountain bike start at an increasingly speculated Olympics?
“I really have a lot of time for this. I do not decide whether to go mountain biking or not – I’m not really dealing with the Olympics at all. I still have space.First of all, I would need to convince myself that if I decided for the cross country, I would also go there for the result. Do not just attend. Such plans are really very early. “

When I take it from the other side, will it come to you that after two races in Graz and Teplice, your thinking over Riem is more meaningful? /> “I just got the race. I was not going to express it. “

Did you enjoy the Czech Cup?
” It was quick, it was fine at first, then I got a defect and more than half I ride the wheels on it. In the downhill walk I walked, paying great attention to the fall.I lost for so many seconds, which I tried to tighten, but because I was off and did not train specially, my strength started to end. “

Take special care not to overrun the first round, what happened to you in Graz?
“I thought so, so I was a bit slower in the first place. Still, it is not important who wins the first round, but who the end of the raceā€¦(laughs) My intention was to keep second, not to fall. But then the defect came. Because he was on the front wheel, I also took the asphalt sections very carefully so that I did not wear the rubber, I walked a bit. At the time of the defect I was the first, after the sixth round, the loss was considerable. What can be done is cycling.I was in power, but I’m glad I did not fall, I did not have any health problems, and my shoulder was not coming out of the fall last weekend. The fourth place is nice. “

Did you save yourself unconsciously?
” If I’m saving on a mountain bike, it’s in training. In preparation, I did not really go fully. I have given everything to the race, but I can not race without a proper training. “