SUMMARY MS: Spotakova started great, smoothly went to the final

Sparrow Barbora Spatakov has just completed two attempts to qualify for the final of the Beijing World Cup. Her performance in the second series measured 65.02 meters. The final on Sunday is also the winner of the height Jaroslav Bába, who qualified for the third attempt limit 231, thus exceeding the maximum this centimeter by a centimeter.

The double Olympic champion Spotakova, who last championship in Moscow due to She missed her maternal duties, threw her 60,62 in the first attempt and dropped considerably behind the qualification threshold of 63.50. At the second round the world champion from Osaka 2007 managed.Christina Hussong (65.92) fired at the last place.

There was a defending champion Christina Obergföll who returned to the World Cup after the break and the first two attempts in the first group were not very successful. The final saved the third throw at 64.10 meters. “It was a game of nerves, so I have not slept for a long time,” admitted the German javelinist. “But the final will make me feel better, the preparation was good,” she added.

Bába has managed to qualify

Czech height Jaroslav Bába sinks in the final of the World Championship in Beijing on Sunday. He qualified for the third attempt at the required limit of 231, which exceeded the maximum this year by one centimeter. Together with Bába, the sixth man of the Beijing Olympic Games seven years ago, another thirteen highs went through the finals.To do this, you had to jump 229 cm on the first attempt.

Twenty times the height of 229 cm was dropped and saved for the third time. It was clear he would have to jump the limit, but he needed three attempts to do so. “It is a pity that I did not get to the 229 for the first time, because it fell down and then it took a lot of power,” Baba said. “I have to admit that I was quite doubtful about myself, perhaps to relax until Sunday night and to get together,” he believed.

The Canadian Derek Drouin and the Chinese Kuo-wei Zhang, Who did not even have a single failed attempt.On the other hand, Andrei Procenko from Ukraine, the American Jesse Williams and Rus Ivan Uchov, were outlawed.

Drahotová was not in her skin

Anežka Drahotová won the 20-kilometer race at the World Championship in Beijing’s eighth place and against the championship in Moscow two years ago, one offset one position. The goal was passed at 1:30:32.

A bronze medalist from last year’s European Championship in Zurich, Drahotová accepted the race at the beginning of an extremely fast pace of the Chinese pair and played a bang. “I do not think it would be so fast, but today I did not feel completely in my skin, it was not my day,” said Drahotová, who did not survive the stroke and gradually failed to follow.Perhaps the company also hurt her thigh muscle a little. “I’m quite sad now, so I can not be completely satisfied today,” said the 20-year junior world champion and Europe, whose Czech record is worth 1:26:53.

Helcelet is still fighting

Czech Athlete Adam Sebastian Helcelet started the race within a hundred meters time with 11.09 seconds, then jumped 729 cm into the distance and was in the 17th position. He has improved his personal record to 15.30 meters and has moved five places to the twelfth place. At the height he jumped a solid 204 cm and dropped one bar.

The race is led by world record Ashton Eaton from the USA, who for two years did not take the whole decathlon, for the last time in his victory at the World Cup in Moscow.After four disciplines he has 3643 points after the results of 10.23 seconds per hundred, 788 centimeters in the distance, 14.52 in a ball, 201 centimeters in height and leads.


strong> Height: 1. Drouin (Kan.) And Kuo-wej Zhang (China) both 231,… 8.

100 m – semi-finals > 1. D. Williams (Jam) 12.58,