Suren Avanesyan discusses the work done by the new coach

Suren Avanesyan discusses the work done by the new coach of the “Three Lions” before the first full test.

November 15 ended the probation of Gareth Southgate as head coach of the England team. In office and. about. Southgate led the team with 4 matches, beat Malta with Scotland, but rolled two draws: with Spain and Slovenia. Very few people liked the game of the team under the leadership of the former youth coach: imagine how many doubts the British press expressed when on November 30 she learned that the leadership of the federation had concluded a 4-year contract with him.

It seems that Southgate initially did not want, as if England had other, more worthy candidates, but in the end it was Gareth who was at the helm of the “three lions”. As it was already written above, many people were skeptical about the appointment, and there is some truth in this: sometimes it seems that FA makes a choice on the closer to us system of “acquaintances”. “Gareth, you did not have a major tournament on your back? There is no significant experience? Well, at least you know the system. The contract is for four years! Accepted! ”

On the other hand, in the throat of fresh air, the England team needs more than a year. Hodgson, Ellardyce, yes all this – one field of berries. Southgate really risks becoming an innovator, a man who will be able to raise the team from the knees, and do not judge only by two draws with a similar Slovenia and Spain, snatching that result literally in a strong-willed manner. Temporary work and work are constant – two diametrically opposite things. How Gareth Southgate changes England teamPhoto:,

Gareth himself understands perfectly well what tasks he face. In any case, when signing the contract, he should have been explained. It is necessary at least to break through to the World Cup, it will be boycotted or not, and not be on it extras: the England team, whatever one may say, is not able to claim anything big for already too much time. It’s time to go out of this stasis.

What does Southgate do for this? We will not go into tactical details, as, as I have already said, it is frankly difficult to judge by trial period. First of all, after a loud scandal with Ellardyus Southgate offers intelligence and calm. Pay attention to his press conference: always thoughtful and accurate answers to any, even the most difficult, questions.