The Italian leader Schick! The league ruled the young shooters in Europe’s Top 5

It does not belong to the starting lineup, not even the star of the number one. Yet Patrik Schick knows the squad Sampdoria enforce. As an alternate joker scored in the current season Serie A six goals in total has seven. No other player in 21 years on the Peninsula there is not more. And compared with players in Europe also does badly. There is no doubt that for him in the summer will be in Genoa stand queue. I therefore already responding club on the transfer market speculation.

Delle Alli from Tottenham Timo Werner of Germany stunt on behalf of Leipzig, cat Manchester City Kylian Mbappé from Monaco and…Patrik Schick! The young Czech striker got into a very interesting company. What they have in common?Goals and age.

Compared players up to 21 years in Europe’s top five leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1), Sparta pupil placed with seven goals in the top five.

at the level of the stars of Premier League or the Bundesliga, had several goals still missing must, however, argued that unlike them, it does not appear in the starting formation Sampdoria and promoted primarily as a joker. When given a chance in the starting formation, hit only once. But not against Juventus.

Much better a lanky sniper lead in Serie A. In his age group under 21 years, no competition with seven goals clearly leads.The second is Franck Kessié, one of the greatest talents of contemporary times that in Europe sent the Ivory Coast.

Midfielder Atalanta at which the league played 23 games (1953 minutes), has collected six goals. In this comparison we can clearly demonstrate Schickova excellence. Playing for Sampdoria played by more than half as many minutes (909).

That is why in the summer of expected of him pulls a big hustle. The interest of leading Italian clubs, says since December last year. There were AS Roma, Fiorentina, AC Milan and much talk about ambitions Inter.

In recent days, he speculates about English clubs. Mentioned were Arsenal, Tottenham and Watford.This, however, for player’s agent Pavel Paska denied.

The management of the Italian club but remains calm. He knows that his gem not sell at any price. Athletic Director Sampdoria Daniel Prade clearly stated. “The solution transfers soon. Patrik Schick is a player of Genoa, “he rejected any speculation.