The procedure brought an old spear spear. It saves me, laughs Spotakova

DIRECT FROM PEKING Sparrow barbora Barbora Spotakova has returned to her golden olympic games at Bird’s Nest and has overcome the first obstacle in the way of success in the World Championship. By the second attempt, she threw 65.02 meters. And in Sunday’s final, Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce may be the third champion of the 2008 Olympics with gold from this year’s World Cup.

What do you say to this challenge? > “I do not think much about it. I’ll try, I’ll take a look at it. I do not think it’s unrealistic. I have to play better than today. “

The problem was that I was going to the last of the whole trip Of the whole javelin field. And it falls on you, nervousness is falling.And before the first attempt, he started blowing madly. That’s what I was saying, because it was blowing awfully too much on the treadmill. And it made me even more nervous. Nervousness total, tied legs…”

What did you change before the second attempt?
” I said it was not life that I had in my arm I have to relax. And I took another spear. The one who saved me three times this season. Such an old fool that Sunette Viljoen has given. “

What is this flipper so good?
” I do not know, It’s a very old, slashed spear I do not normally miss. It’s good. I knew he would give him there.”What are you saying about the failure of Russia Maria Abakumov, your rival from the famous Olympic Games seven years ago?”
“Well, , So I remembered a bit. But of course we already suspected it was not in the best form. Rather it is confirmed that he is more a favorite, the field is balanced. About sixty-five of them are chopped, and they can do more girls. The final will probably be interesting. Even though I think some of you who are involved here will not be so famous on Sunday. While I did not have a day today, and I hope that on Sunday it will be better for my feet to get better.”

What do you say about the suffering of Christina Obergföll, who was saved by the last attempt?
” Well, it will be on Sunday But it’s probably not the one that can throw sixty-seven and up. “

Is it you?
” If I sent this downhill, Sixty-seven as nothing. When I get my feet better and I can watch it, I believe I can throw sixty-seven. I’m feeling this way. “

Obstacle Zuzana Hejn just a few days ago, she predicted the required gold performance for a hundredth of a second, so how much will it be?
” I’d like to have a seven, season best to make it sixty-seven. If it was better, it would be good.I think it’s such a sober estimate…”