You could see that the announcer at zachrípol. We deserved more, said Hamšík

BRATISLAVA. The announcer at the iconic stadium Sau Paulo in Naples while celebrating his goal so euphorically screaming that at the moment zachrípol. Great acoustics in the arena experience even bolstered. “Great Captain, Marechiaro, Hamšík,” he repeated several times.

“Marek Hamšík was the hero of the match, it was the next night that belonged to the captain,” he wrote server.

Footballers Napoli tied smash hit in Sunday’s program thirtieth round of the Italian Serie A with competition leaders Juventus 1: 1.

“I wish.We deserved more than a draw, “he said after the match the Italian media Hamší //

Juventus won the seventh minute when Sami Khedira scored. In the sixtieth minute he rescued a draw just Hamsik, who exchanged the ball with Mertens and elegantly scored.

It was the eleventh goal captain of Naples in the Italian league this season. Hamsik was the match very active. Has traditionally been the main dispatcher games SSC and had several dangerous shooting pokusov.Juventus resisted

“Juventus are the majority of the match in front of us resisted, they were afraid to open the game.It is a continuation of the article belongs to premium content You too can be a subscriber annual subscription € 29 Order Save up to € 17.80, compared with a monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Save 1,80 € Order in comparison with monthly subscription monthly subscription of € 0.98 Book Price € 0.98 valid for new subscribers the first month. Other months are for a price of € 3.90.